Apartment Shopping from Afar


My dear boss sent us a link to a realtor’s website so that we could get a sense of what to expect from housing in Phu My Hung (District 7) where I plan to live next year.  I was talking to Dani about my possibilities in the car, and she asked if there were any design trends that I had noticed.  Those of you who have lived with me or visited my home know that I have no talent for interior design and that I tend not to notice details.  However, there are 2 common occurrences that caught my eye.  The first trend I am pretty sure I can’t live without.  The second, I could take or leave.

Trend 1 – The Fancy Fridge

Apparently, America is doing refrigeration all wrong.  We clutter the front of our fridges with photos of our nieces and nephews and shopping lists and message boards.  Or, in the lucky/unlucky event that we have stainless steel refrigerators that reject magnets, we have a polished blank slate.  Instead, we should should definitely have the floral or stickered refrigerators of Vietnam.  I personally am enamored with the stenciled flowers; I am not a fan of the decals proclaiming the powers of cooling.37653516720121130125009Apartments_and_villas_for_rent_in_Phu_My_Hung14


fancy fridge


Trend 2 – to-sur-ton light yellow natural wood.

Some of the apartments get rave reviews because they have this special wood.  It is fine wood, but I am not sure that I get the passion that it engenders.



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  1. Blog design looks great! I’m liking the fancy fridge designs. I hope you had fun in Kentucky. It is hard for me to believe that you aren’t in Baltimore anymore. I think I’m finally starting realize that you are not around anymore. I don’t like it.


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