A Day Outside District 7


Elaine took us for pedicures beside this school this morning. We all went for wild colors! I think the pedicure was about $10.

Now that the stress of house shopping is over, I had time engage in more exciting pursuits.  I slept about 7 hours.  Maybe I am getting more on a real schedule.  Here is hoping.  It is only 9:30 pm my time, but I can barely keep my eyes open.  I am going to attempt to upload some photos and call it  a night.


After pedicures, we cabbed into District 1 for lunch with Amy, and she took us on a tour of all the tourist attractions. This is the Reunification Palace.


Some tanks through the gates of the Reunification Palace. You can tour the Palace for about 30,000vn (about $1.50), but we didn’t go in today. I am sure we will all do this in the future.


There was lots of gorgeous green space around the touristy area.


Elaine, Adam, and Amy took us to lunch at Au Parc (Mediterranean food) for lunch. YUM! Rebecca and I discovered that we have the same taste palate so we shared a lentil salad and an open faced eggplant sandwich. I loved the plants hanging from the skylight and the stenciled border of the upstairs room. Gorgeous place. From the left and around the table, we have Gregor, Elaine, Amy, and Ricki.



Adam helps Greg and Gregor decide what to order. Our only problems were narrowing it down from the pages of goodness! This place delivers, so even when I am too lazy to venture into District 1, I can recreate the magic.



The central post office. I really wanted to see this building, and buy stamps and it did not disappoint. So pretty.


Notre Dame cathedral. Breathtaking.


Alison in a souvenir shop in the post office. Just checking out the hats.


The post office. I bought $25 dollars worth of international stamps and $6 worth of stationary. Now, I just need to write some mail and unpack my bags so that I can find my address book; then, you can expect correspondence the old fashioned way. The stamps are awesome!


One of the statues outside the post office.


There were a bride and groom posing outside the post office. So pretty. Apparently, the photo sessions happen way before the wedding with only the bride and groom present. Then, during the wedding there are all sorts of wedding photos posted and a slide show.


After our HOT walk around town, Amy took us to an adorable beer house tucked down a cute alley. We sat in an open courtyard under this tree until the downpour started.


Aside from being adorable this place, Hoa Vien, had the first dark beer that I have found. I will return!!!


After we returned from District 1 and showered, I went to dinner with Alex and Clare who have just arrived from England. They are considering taking a place in the same building as me, so we walked to a cafe near there for dinner to check out the night scene. This cafe was pretty hilarious because despite having a huge menu, the waitress told us they only had 2 dishes available tonight. I so enjoyed getting to know Clare and Alex, and I am excited that they are fellow high school teachers and potentially neighbors! They just had their last day of teaching in England on Wednesday, so their entire summer vacation consisted of the plane ride over to Vietnam on Thursday. Never let me complain again about how rushed the summer seemed.

Tomorrow morning, I am off to District 1 to get a name affidavit at the US Consulate, and then I plan to do some exploring to figure out where to buy pillows and a top off card for my cell phone since I got a message today that I am almost out of minutes on my account.  My school brought me a SIM card to the airport with some credit on it, and I used most of that money (about $4) to get unlimited data for 30 days.  Loving the local cell phone pricing.


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