Not What I am Looking For

While house hunting, I looked at 32 apartments in and around my price range.  While I didn’t photograph all of them, I do have a few photographs that show that not everything lived up to my expectations.   


Moldy brown couches aren’t my thing.


Itty bitty living space. Name that movie?


Some people proclaim their unending love with shower door poetry. Not something that I appreciate.


A hose and drain somewhere on the bathroom floor is not my favorite type of shower.


I want a different view.


Geography lessons are important, but I don’t want them on my wall for keeps.


Do people love martinis this much?


Find something prettier on which to rest the tv.


A little too much going on for my taste.


We did not like this couch. I didn’t get a good shot of it.


Nobody could leave plain white tile alone. Nobody.


I just don’t feel clean here.


You can jam a lot of furniture in a little space, if you like that sort thing.


The best place to store unused items.


Ovens are not a common kitchen item.


Just NO!


This was in the entryway of one place and as much as I love green space, this was just gross.


I hope a dog ate this couch. I just can’t think of another reasonable explanation.


If my tv were on this stand, I just could not sit down to watch it with genuflecting and laughing. What is this?


Seriously, why can’t anyone leave white tile alone. Classic is a look for a reason. Stop. Think. Reconsider.

I didn’t take pictures of the bad places after the first day, so…. sorry?  Doesn’t it make my choices look even better.  


I can’t tell you which one I chose until I get at least 10 votes on the blog.  That will be how I know that at least 10 people appreciate my blogging effort. 



  1. So I remember being there and my favorite part of some of the places was the bathroom/shower combinations with no stall and water went all over the room. That is much more common than you think. It still beat the pump and pour method in India from the well lol.


  2. Jodi-I am so excited to read all about your adventures. I am so happy that you are enjoying yourself out there. It’s amazing that you have such a great network of people to help you get acclimated. Keep the pics coming, I can’t wait to see which apt you decided on. Are you on Snapchat yet?


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