My Classroom Is Cute!!!!

Last night, Mark, the other new HS English teacher, told me that he spent the day at school yesterday and that my classroom was cute.  I of course started peppering him with questions about where it was and what made it cute.  He was very patient with me instead of just telling me to go look for myself.  However, when he confessed that he had just used the word cute because he knew that I would like that word, I had to see it for myself.  

I had some papers and books to drop off at the school anyway, so I went in search of my room this morning, and it was indeed CUTE!!!!!


My door! So official already!


The view from the doorway. I did have all of the lights off, but I think that it will be bright enough based on levels of sunshine.


View from my desk.

I love this classroom.  It doesn’t have the lucky numbers (102 & 210) of my last classroom, but I think 403 looks like a sweet spot to teach and learn. 


The view from my classroom window. Or to be more specific, my wall of windows. Teri, you need to bring Liberty and Justice here. They will get enough sun to avoid the withering and dying life cycle of plants at BHS.


Another angle out my classroom window.


In addition to a cute classroom, the rest of the building is equally as sweet.  Oh, the joys of a brand new and purpose-built structure.  


There was a yearbook in my classroom. I loved the whole thing, but this table of contents is the cutest ever.


I entered a visitor, but I left with a real badge!


I liked this dragon mural. I didn’t know the elevator doors would open as I took my shot.


Some assembly room at the end of my hallway? Just great space.


Even the stairwells have views of the city. Why did I apartment shop? I kind of want to live at work.


This was adorable. Students had written thank you messages on colored paper and hung them on a little tree. It seemed like it might have been seniors saying goodbye. Why is my school so cute?


The thank you tree.


What the classroom hallway on each floor looked like.


The art room. Dani, I want you see this for real. It was locked, so I couldn’t get you many shots, but WOW!!!


A little atrium outside the art room. Above the core values is the library!!! I love it.


The back doors of the main floor lead to the river.

Even though I need time to adjust to life in my new country, I am super excited to start work in this gorgeous space with awesome kids.  I really loved Bowie High, but this experience is so different from when they gave me the keys to A102 and I cried over the dead things floating in my sink.  I like this feeling better. 




  1. OK – banned from vocabulary for a month are “cute” and “sweet.” Seems that you’ve fallen into a sweet spot with such a cute room as 403. Oh, and make sure you back up your photos so they don’t disappear in some cyber mess. What kind of temperatures are we talking about? We had some rain Sunday and a little yesterday afternoon, but coooool. Under 60 F this a.m.


  2. I agree with Aunt Lois, “sweet and cute” should be out for awhile. Besides, you need to get back into English teacher mode as school will soon start! I’ve been slipping back to “PA Dutch” and realized that I need to get back to my “teacher vocabulary” too. Thanks so much for all your pictures and great blog. I didn’t talk to your mom this week, but I’m sure she is so relieved that life in Vietnam is exceeding expectations from all parties. Jeff asks every day if you “wrote something” and we read it together. I know you won’t have time for all this after school starts, but hopefully you’ll be able to keep us updated while you educate us.


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