The Big Reveal!!!

The winner is……#3!!!!!


The entrance to my building!

I really loved this park, and while the apartment is WAY too big for me, I love the balconies, the high ceilings, the light.  I still dislike the kitchen and bathroom tile, but I am going to love my new home.


My park!


My apartment pretty much lines up with this little pond.


Yesterday afternoon, I had some free time, so I walked down to my neighborhood to get lunch and try to find a bedding store that Alex and Clare told me about where I could find pillows so that I can start sleeping at my apartment soon.  For lunch, I went to one of the many little cafes that are on the ground floor of my building.  This one was called The Greenhouse, and it was yummy.  The owner was a woman named Thi who was adorable and excited to have another soon to be regular customer moving in.  My lunch was delicious and about $5.


The ground level of the apartment from my chair at The Greenhouse. There are 2 Vietnamese restaurants that are on either side of my door. Hanoi, one of our HR reps, said that she stops at one for breakfast when she has time because they are both Northern Vietnamese cuisine. She is from Hanoi, and she says the finds pho broth here in the south too sweet. Who knew?


The view of the park from The Greenhouse.


Lunch! I was really excited to find cheese. I know my stomach doesn’t love cheese, but my taste buds do!!!

I should also mention that my realtor was able to negotiate a price within my budget since I wasn’t asking for any/many changes.   I have also been exploring the area, and I will be able to satisfy smoothie cravings and find lots of food without going far from home.  Apparently it is also extremely easy to get pretty much anything delivered.  I have not tried it yet, but I think smoothies might need to show up at my desk every morning without any effort on my part.  Hopefully you will not judge me too harshly for adapting too quickly to a culture where I am required to do very little for myself.



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