Really, this is a ridiculous title.  I have been here a week and a half, and work has been so gracious and so undemanding.  They have really eased us into the working world and given us so much time to focus on housing and adjusting rather than rushing us into curriculum and teaching.  They feed us and house us and give us bus tours of the area.  Essentially, my school is perfection.  However, as much as I have loved meeting the staff and the school and the city, I am so glad to have a completely unplanned day tomorrow.

Today was my first full day of work.  I woke up a bit early to eat a quick breakfast before going to the police station to register my new residence.  Then, my realtor dropped me at the school in time for some meetings.  We were free by 1pm for lunch and whatever else we wanted to do.  I decided to actually spend some time working in my classroom on figuring out just what I will be teaching this year.  The school already has a lot of curriculum developed for the 9th and 10th grade courses that I will teach, and I am excited to try new things.  I am on my own for AP, but at least that is my favorite course ever.  So I worked until about 4, and then the whole crew of newbies went by bus to an amazing dinner.  Remind me to take you to dinner here when you visit.  It was awesome!


Forest decided to adopt one of the crickets that they gave him to use as bait.


Alison caught a catfish!


Alison and Ricki decided to do a bit of fishing after dinner.


The restaurant was amazingly beautiful. It was a bunch of pavilions arranged around some water.


Alison with a fish on her line!


All the food was great! I loved the squash blossoms!


the scenery


The blur at the top was the waitress who was chopping (with scissors) the fish cooking on the middle of the table. Kay doesn’t look like she approves.



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