Weekends are Bliss

This has been a great weekend despite the fact that I had to spend some of it shopping.  I am feeling much more comfortable around my own neighborhood, and our beloved Pam and Dzim have been taking us out to new places.


Pre-massage soak. Yes, my toes are still blue as can be.

Yesterday morning, Gregor and I helped Alison and Ricki move their suitcases to their apartments.  Then we walked around their new neighborhood sipping the thank you smoothies that Alison bought us.  My only concrete goal for the day was to get a massage.  Ridiculously challenging life – I know.  So we found the spa that Elaine had told us about where the owner serves you homemade yogurt and tea while you get your feet washed before your massage.  I opted for the most expensive massage on the menu, an hour and 15 minute long hot stone massage.  It was divine.

Then, I went shopping for hangers so that I could move all the clothes that I had unpacked off of my beds.  Before completing my chores though, I stopped at the pool to lounge with my new neighbors from the school.  I know that I will love living in Cahn Vien because Gary, a high school art teacher, can drop cans of beer (or bottles of water) from his second story window into the hands of thirsty swimmers.  His wife Rena is right, our apartment is sort of like living in a hotel full time.  Then I worked in my apartment for an hour or so before heading back to the hotel to meet the crew for a hot pot dinner in District 5.

When Alison asked Pam where she might eat hot pot, Pam decided that she and Dzim would take us all to the scene of their first date.  I understand why they got married; if someone took me to a restaurant that good, I would hold on to him.  We got to eat crabs (sans Old Bay, but with a yummy dip of lime, pepper, and salt) and then cook different crabs and veggies in a pot of boiling broth on our table.


Ricki posing with our dinner.


Crab close-up.


Adding the veggies to our pot of crab.


So good!!!

In addition to amazing food, we had great views of the city throughout dinner.


While diner cooks, we watch the streets.


A bird’s eye view of some intricate wiring. Mystifying.


This doesn’t even begin to capture the madness of traffic.

Since we were enjoying these views so much, Dzim’s friend Vu offered to take us to the top of the Bitexaco tower for a drink and even better views.  Yes!


The city is endless. I could have stared out that window for hours. This made us determined to go on a night cruise to see all these lights again.


Beautiful views and yummy drinks. Successful night.

After drinks, we decided to indulge Ricki’s desire to salsa, so we went to a club with a “Cuban” band.  It was fun.  It also offered chances for elevator selfies to prove that we don’t mind close spaces.



I like Greg’s idea to look in the mirror.

I am very thankful that we have been adopted by the lovely McKinnon-Nguyen family.  So far, we have been too busy to feel lonely or homesick.  While I do miss you all, I think my life choices lately have been excellent.

Well, maybe I should have skipped shopping this morning.  I do dislike malls so much – even in Vietnam.



  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend! How much did your massage cost over there? I’m so jealous. Justin and I have spent the weekend tearing down the wall dividing our kitchen and diningroom. While this did provide us with a new view, it is nowhere close to the amazing ones you just wrote about!


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