Glorious Friends

I had the best day at work today because….I GOT MAIL!!!!  Piles of mail.  I got my first letter from Nicole Sandretto on the very first day that I checked my mailbox, but then it was empty until today when I got 5 items of mail!  I was overwhelmed!  I got my second card from Sandretto; face it, she is a star!  I got a letter from Aunt Lois!  Megan Johnson sent me a hilarious card with scratch off lottery tickets so that I could fly home to cash in my big rewards (sorry that I didn’t win)!  Christyn sent me an adorable card full of gold star stickers! And Teri sent the best classroom decoration gift and sweet card!  I only got a little weepy before my first department meeting, but when I made my co-workers look at my loot, they understood.




SO MUCH MAIL!!!!! You guys are amazing. I will do my best to return the favor soon!


Obviously this is going on my desk immediately, but if it makes me cry more than twice, I am taking it home. How will I get through a school day without you guys? Miss you already. AP Lang team for life.



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