One Month Anniversary

Late last night/early this morning, I celebrated my one month anniversary with Vietnam.  So far, the relationship has been great. My new partner is weird, a bit overwhelming, totally gorgeous, and really hospitable.  I cannot believe how easy this transition has been (Thanks Pam!).  I certainly expected a few more growing pains.  I am sure that they will come.  It is crazy how much and how little I have done in the past month.  Even though I have found an apartment and started a new job, there is a huge city to explore here that I haven’t even begun to understand.  

Tonight after work, I went for tapas with some friends to plan our beach getaway for next weekend!  We realized halfway through the night that it was our anniversary.  We had toasts and a little love fest.  The luck that has followed me all my life has continued here – I could not ask for a better group of fellow newbies.  This transition has been seamless because I have never had to feel alone.  There is always somebody who will grab a drink, suggest a dinner date, pour water on  you, etc.  The returning teachers have also been amazing at inviting us over for dinner to their decked out apartments and showing us their favorite spots around town.  

I guess the nature of teaching abroad forces that same kind of instant bonding that hasn’t happened since college.  We may not all be sharing a dorm, but it is rare for me to walk more than 10 minutes in our “neighborhood” without running into a fellow staff member.  It is quite thrilling!

I know that I need to make some friends outside of school so that my entire life doesn’t revolve around that beautiful campus and those amazing kids.  I will keep you posted on my progress to branch out.



  1. Gayle and her friends actually asked me to come game this weekend, but I had to say no because I was still deciding whether or not I would attend a professional development event at school. I definitely need less fun and more work this weekend. It has been a great month, but there hasn’t been much downtime – or focused work time. I have to start my grade 5 essays, swim 2 laps rule for real this weekend.


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