How I Spent Grange Fair Weekend

I haven’t let myself dwell much on the fact that I am currently missing one of my favorite annual events – THE GRANGE FAIR!!!  I know that my family and childhood friends are all camping in close quarters right now and venturing out of the tents for the promise of funnel cakes and Skeeball, but I am choosing to just be glad that I get to experience Fair via Facebook photos this year.  I can’t wait to hear full reports about what new food stands have opened and how many cute boys aged 3-63 passed by the tent.  

My fair weekend was a little less rustic and a lot more filled with shopping than a fair weekend should be.  And the shopping wasn’t even for bungy cords among the junk tents.  Sad.  

Technically, I should have been attending a weekend in-service training at school, but I decided at the last minute not to sign up because I had an overwhelming amount of work to do.  It is now 6pm on Sunday, and I wish that I could report that I had finished my work.  I haven’t.  I did make some progress, but mostly I did life chores and had fun.  It is Fair weekend after all. 

On Friday night, a few of us did a work-out after school and then headed into District 1 for dinner at the Elbow Room.  It was not my favorite place so far, but the food was solidly good, and the company was great.  Then, Gregor and Lisa decided to head home, and the rest of us decided to meet up with Ricki who was eager to salsa somewhere.  We tried all 3 of the places that supposedly were having salsa that night.  One had a terrible band.  One was mostly empty, and there was no band.  The third was completely closed and dark.  Oh well.  We did find a cute little bar down a dark alley with a rooftop deck that overlooked the Cathedral.  Win.  

On Saturday, I woke up early and went to grade papers at the pool.  I was pretty productive for a bit, and then my friend Rena came to join me and we did a bit of swimming.  Then, Rena guided me through my first bike ride across busy roads so that we could meet friends for brunch.  It was a bit scary, but better than I expected.  And brunch was past the school, so now I know that I can make it home.  Biking will be so convenient, but also so sweaty.  After brunch, I went shopping with Shelly at a big store called Metro which people compare to a Sam’s Club or Costco.  It was certainly that overwhelming, and they did sell food in bulk.  I wish that I could have braved the grocery store part, but by the time I bought a blender, a fan, some kitchen gadgets, and wine, I couldn’t do any more.  So, I came home and graded more papers and made a smoothie in my new blender before going to a party at the middle school principal’s house.  

Today, I woke up and tried to go to the grocery store.  Unfortunately, I got lazy and just stopped at a convince store and bought a few things before heading home to make some scrambled eggs and grade more papers.  Then, I took a nap before meeting Melissa and Ricki for plant shopping.  I know that I dislike shopping, but the plant markets were AWESOME!!!  There were just rows of plants and then a whole big tent of pots.  You picked the plant that you liked and the pot that you wanted it to go in and a nice man planted it for you on the spot.  Then, you could choose a tray for under the pot, some fertilizer and watering cans, etc.  I bought 10 potted plants, fertilizer, and a watering can for about $135.  That includes delivery (which was about $2.50).  I am literally itching for them to arrive and make my house look like a botanical garden.  

Tomorrow begins week 3 with students, and I am mostly ready.  I still have planning to do throughout the week, and more to grade, but I am learning the students’ names and liking my classes.  If I ever start catching up on grading, I promise to blog more often.  I also need to start taking more pictures.  I did take a few, but I am having some technical difficulty on the upload.  Boo.

Hope the rest of the Fair is fun for those of you that made it.  Special birthday shout-out to Colleen Schaefer in Pittsburgh.  Wish we were celebrating together!  




  1. Didn’t know so many of the horticultural genes got passed along to you. It will be fun hearing about your plant adventures. Market went OK yesterday for what I had. Usually this Saturday is one of my very best in the season. Some things are so late ripening that I didn’t have nearly the range of stuff as last year. Had some nice cukes, eggplant, squash and a few kinds of peppers this past week. Flowers were great. Also, it was threatening rain (tho didn’t) so the early foot traffic was very light. We’re supposed to have a few slightly higher temps this week. Maybe that will bring along more peppers and tomatoes.

    The Fair was your grandmom’s thing, but I don’t get there. Hard on the old legs. I’ll watch for the pictures with you.


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