The pictures that I tried to add yesterday.


grading on the balcony


The goggles and swim caps for sale at my stationary store? Mislabeled retail space?


The very American screwdriver is a necessity. This too can be purchased at my stationary store.


When I saw the sign for a stationary store, I was elated. I needed birthday cards for some favorites and more. However, this is all the “stationary” as I think of it in the whole store. It really could be a one stop shop for other needs though.


My shower curtain is hung! Now, I just need to get the hot water heater fixed before I stop using the guest bathroom.


I found Wallace again the other night. He was on the balcony helping me grade papers.


The stairs to a Vietnamese dance club where we didn’t quite fit in or feel welcome.


Some of my favorite helmets that we found. Amerika is a great place to live!


Just in case the people on the motorbike behind you were hoping you were single, you could wear this to fend off attention.


My new plants. I am in love!


My sweet finds.


Half of my receipt at the plant place. I will use it to try to learn what type of plants I am raising and how often I might want to water them.


My living room now has some life forms other than me and Wallace the Voracious.


The plants on the left side of the deck. Someone told me the one on the ground is jasmine. It smells delicious!


some plants on the right


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