I have much to celebrate today.  I only have 1 day of work left before my first vacation!  I am going to Phu Quoc, an island off the coast of Vietnam/Cambodia, with 4 other newbies.  Our flight leaves Saturday morning and we return Tuesday morning, and we will spend our days off laying on the beach.  I might have to grade lots of papers on the beach, but that beats grading papers anywhere else.   Well, maybe it ties with the summit of a good mountain, but it top 2 material.

I also got installment number one of my Japanese Encephalitis vaccine and rabies vaccine today.  I feel safer already.  Alison and Ricki went under the needle too, and then we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner out at a place called Propaganda.  We had delicious spring rolls to start, and Ricki and I split 2 different amazing salads.  My favorite was an edamame, cracked black rice, and tofu salad that I must learn to make for myself.  So delicious!  


The sweet decor in Propaganda. Loved it.


Our post vaccine walk to Propaganda. Too bad it started raining about a minute after I took this.

And, at this point, I have now made 2 dinners at my own house – a veggie egg scramble and a huge salad.  Really this salad has been my lunch and dinner for the last few days.  I am afraid that I might not be able to finish it before leaving on vacation.  I might have bought an ambitious amount of veggies.  I also splurged on some hummus and cilantro flavored wraps.  Best choice ever.  Food heaven.  In my own house.  Not delivered.  I am almost living a normal life.


Too much salad?


Veggs. Heavy on veggies, light on eggs. Not quite how we make them at the cabin, but I had to use these green beans and tomatoes.

I am almost through my 3rd week of school.  I mostly know all my students names, though I have still stumbled a few times this week.  I almost finished the first week of Insanity workouts. My house plants are all still alive.  There is so much to celebrate.  However, the biggest reason of all is that 31 years ago, my beloved Rachel Chumney Long was born.  This was the first step on the path to having the best college experience ever!  Thanks Kevin and Nancy for raising up the Chumdog for me!  She is a keeper. 

To honor Rachel’s birth, I thought that I should oblige her request to post more videos.  So, I learned how to upload things to YouTube since I couldn’t figure out any other way to share.  I hope this works!  If so, expect more soon!

A Tour of My Home!




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