Home from the Beach

Today was my first experience flying back into HCMC and feeling like I made it home.  Weird.  Despite the rainy weather, we had a wonderful vacation.  I have lots to share, but since I have to actually grade the essays that I carried with me on the plane, I will leave you with the highlights only.


There were peaceful and dry moments! Also, stunning beauty!


I fell in love with a dog. My friends suggested lots of names for him, including “Rabies” and “Not Yours,” but we finally settled on Frankie. He is so dear.


Gregor broke his hotel room key trying to open a beer at the night market.


Alison has mastered scooter driving! She is my hero!


We had one magical sunset in a spot that will never be as unspoiled again. Too bad the developers already laid claim to the land I was going to use to build my shack by the sea.


My travel companions were fun and adventurous! Who gets this many new co-workers that they want to travel with? The universe is always on my side.


I ripped my dress getting out of a cab. Oops. Even this wardrobe malfunction was turned into great fun with the crew.

  More to come about what we learned about Phu Quoc.



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