It’s Happening!!!!

I am getting my first visitor!  Stepho the Besto arrives Sept. 27th, and I get to keep her a whole week!  I am so excited.  So, I go on my very first (and possibly only unmarried) honeymoon with Kristen and Brooklyn on the 12-14, and then when I get home, I only have 13 days until another taste of home presents itself.  Steph and I waitressed together at Garfields about a decade ago, and she has lived an awesome life that I mostly know about through Facebook since then.  She is currently living in Chennai, India, and she has a week off work to come see me.  I hope that she is as enamored with my new city as I am despite the fact that I have not yet really even learned my way around or done any of the cool, touristy attractions.  Regrettably, I won’t know if they are actually cool or only touristy until I do them with her.  So excited.  

I plan on doing more Phu Quoc updates soon, but I just returned from Back to School night and I am recovering from my first little bout of stomach sickness, so I am off to bed with much to celebrate.  Tomorrow’s Friday!  This week was short, but the weekend is still more than welcome.



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