Day 2 on Phu Quoc

 I must confess that I am already starting to forget details about the trip, so I have learned that I must start keeping a travel diary for myself.  Hopefully this is a fairly accurate recreation of the day.

Day 2 opened with a rainy morning.  We waited out the storm and then ventured back to Coco’s for breakfast since we thought the menu was appealing.  Unfortunately when we got to Coco’s there were some chairs strewn across the doorway and a sign that said “Closed on Sundays, In July.”  It wasn’t July, but we got the drift.  A chair in front of the doorway is about as closed as a place without walls can be.  So we walked across the street to a French place and had amazing coffee and crepes for breakfast.  According to Gregor, crepe and crap are the same sound, so we spent most of breakfast laughing at his accent and having him teach us words in German.  My favorite is the number 5.  What a fun word.  Megan, when you come to visit, you will have to speak German with Gregor. Or at least translate his accent for me.  

After our decadent breakfast, we headed into town to have a look around.  We were already planning to eat seafood at the night market that evening, but we thought we should have a day and night comparison.  It was quaint and quiet despite being a busy travel weekend because of the national holiday.  


The boats in the marina were beautiful and obviously not very deep since the guy in the foreground is wading through the water.


There was so much activity, and it was fascinating to watch them preparing the seafood we would be eating soon.


Rebecca took this great shot of the women wearing traditional hats.


We climbed up to a lighthouse.


view of the pier from the lighthouse

After a bit of sightseeing, we ducked into a cafe for some ice cream because it was raining again.  After a delicious treat, we went back to the hotel for a few hours of rest before stopping by Frankie’s bar on our way into town for seafood.  Frankie was sadly not around, so after a beer, we left for the night market.  We took a cab into town, and when I attempted to get out of the backseat of the cab, I completely ripped my dress from the hem to the waist.  Oops.  Luckily Alison had been looking out the window to the left, and she remembered seeing a dress shop just up the street.  So, I awkwardly held my dress together and hobbled up the street with the crew.  We found a really large dress in a pretty color, and I put it on in the changing room and then insisted that the sales lady let me wear it out of the store.  I think she was confused.  The dress is really cute, but probably a couple of sizes too big for me.  Crazy, right?  I thought that I would never fit into anything here, but this was obviously a store for tourists, and I am pretty sure it is a 3XL.  It just says 3 in it, but it is a tent.  I am sure that I can find a tailor to make some alterations and have a great dress.  The $15ish dollars that I spent on the dress that night were worth it to cover my bum. Then, we were so inspired by my new look that I bought a pretty great hat to complete the outfit.  I forgot to wear it to the pool this morning when I was grading papers, but it will be great for that. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos many photos of the night, but I assure you it was fun and that we looked stunning.  After we ate at the night market and went out for drinks, Alison and I walked the whole way home because the others got in a tiny cab.  On our walk, some men called us into a bar, and we went in and got a drink and chatted with the Italian owner about how he had moved to the island 15 months prior to that night and acquired a wife, a baby, a cat, and a dog.  There was great music playing and a crazy laser light show, so Alison and I did a little dancing and then hit the road again.  Alison was a little scared that we were going to step on snails or frogs on our way home, but we made it without incident. 


Gregor was mystified that the hotel key broke after he tried to use it as a bottle opener. He was very concerned that he would have to sleep outside that night.


Alison arm wrestled with a local. I think he was pretty embarrassed to be beat by a girl, but Alison is tough. Katie Graukie, when you come to visit, you have to arm wrestle her. You are the 2 best arm wrestlers that I know, and I am dying to know the outcome of your match.


My new dress and hat. Sorry you can see my bra strap. It was more appropriate for another dress.


The adorable Jardins. How lucky are we that a couple can handle our single shenanigans?


Alison feeling afraid on the walk home.



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