Phu Quoc – Other People’s Photos

I just packed my bag for my honeymoon crasher trip in Thailand this weekend, and I decided that I must wrap up my Phu Quoc reminiscence prior to my next amazing vacation.  My life is great!

So, in no particular order, here are the photos that my travel mates posted to Facebook that I thought you must see.  They are all incredible photographers!

pq airport a

Early morning at our SGN home airport. We look pretty good for people who woke up at 4:30am. Photo Credit: Alison

pq bridge a

We stopped for photos on a darling bridge during our motorbike tour. Photo Credit: Alison

pq fruit a

This woman really made our first morning just by setting up shop beside the sea. Photo Credit: Alison

pq mermaid a

It was a little random to stumble upon this gem while walking down the beach. Photo Credit: Alison

pq night mark a

Walking through the night market to look for some yummy seafood. Other pictures will prove that we found some! Photo Credit: Alison

pq night market a

the bustling night market Photo Credit: Alison

pq ocean r

crossing a stream to get to the ocean – not sure where this water source was Photo Credit: Rebecca

pq patio chat g

girl talk on the patio of the bungalow that I shared with Alison Photo Credit: Gregor

pq poster a

We loved this poster of people loving crabs and 7up behind us. We even texted it to our beloved crab eating tour guides, Pam and Dzim! Photo Credit: Alison

pq prawns a

our huge and delicious prawns at the night market – Photo Credit: Alison

pq red snapper a

red snapper at the night market – Photo Credit: Alison

pq squid a

squid at the night market – We at SOOOO much squid! Photo Credit: Alison’s camera?

pq sunset 1 a

sunset on Saturday Photo Credit: Alison

pq sunset 2 a

sunset on Monday Photo Credit: Alison

pq town a

the town – named something like Duong Dong – This was my favorite photo of the trip. Stunning! Photo Credit: Alison



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