The Long Silence

It hasn’t happened yet that I was blog silent for almost a week, but I couldn’t squeeze it in this week, and when I recount the exploits of my busy but glorious week, you will understand.  I returned rather late Sunday evening from an amazing honeymoon/Jodimoon with Brian and Kristen.  I will surely post the details and photos from that trip soon!  I am so glad that I was invited and able to see them, but it did mean that I missed a whole weekend of schoolwork at a time when my progress report grades were due, when every class is turning in essays, when I am starting 2 new units of instruction across 4 classes, etc.  So, here is a play by play of my week:

Monday – Day 6 with Advisory – My day 6 schedule is my hardest.  I teach 3 different courses straight through before lunch.  When day 6 falls on a Monday or Thursday, I teach 3 courses and have an advisory meeting before lunch.  This does mean that each class is only 80 mins instead of 85, but it also means the breaks between classes are shorter and lunch is a lot shorter.  Luckily, I knew that I was leaving for the weekend and had planned ahead, but I still had to comment on some electronic student writing to help my little 9th graders make claims that actually had meaning.  After school, I had my first meeting of the Principal Selection Committee.  I am thrilled that I was chosen as one of the 8 teachers and administrators who will select my next boss.  It is an honor even if I do feel a bit out of my depth.  Luckily, Alison was chosen too, and we are doing some of our resume evaluation together between meetings so that we feel that we have support for our decisions.  Because I thought that I would be distraught by leaving the Sheridans, I had invited all my friends over for an apartment warming cocktail hour before walking to a nearby Turkish restaurant for dinner.  So, Alison and I left the meeting and grabbed a cab back to my place where we ran to the store quickly for some snacks and then evaluated resumes until the others arrived.  Dinner was great, and even though I was sad to have left friends from home, it was fun to return to friends from my new home.  I think it really hit me that from now on, my friends won’t just be scattered across the States, but I will literally have a global network of beloved friends.  I might mourn not getting to have them all as part of my daily life, but I will also celebrate the magic.

Tuesday – This was a pretty typical day of work, meetings, work-out, life chores, shower, sleep.  After school, I had a Model United Nations meeting.  I am not officially one of the club sponsors, but my 2 colleagues who are have been kind enough to allow me to attend meetings to decide if I could take more of a role in the future.  Apparently though, the future is sort of now because they needed a female chaperone for their next conference.  This means that Oct 17-19th, I will be in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with 19 students and a co-worker.  It is semi terrifying to travel internationally with students, but since this won’t be my only trip this fall, I better just dive in and enjoy.  After that meeting, I was able to catch the tail end of an open forum with our head of school.  We are going through some changes as an institution that teachers wanted to talk about, and part of those changes are related to another trip that I am chaperoning in November.  It is likely, although still not confirmed until a meeting this Tuesday, that I will be accompanying the entire 9th grade (with 5 or so other teachers) to Bintan, Indonesia for a week.  How cool is my life?  My passport is filling up fast!  After the forum, I did Insanity with Alison, Lisa, and Marcia.  Thank goodness for finding fitness enthusiasts who don’t let me miss too many workouts.  Then, I walked to a local grocery/produce store to buy some salad ingredients for dinner and lunches for the week, assembled, ate, showered, slept.

Wednesday – Another full day of classes followed by full faculty writing professional development.  Then I played ultimate frisbee with some other teachers and went to dinner at Scott & Bins which is a faculty favorite.  After a bit of schoolwork, I fell into an exhausted sleep.

Thursday – Only a half day of classes so that we could spend the afternoon grading a full school writing assessment during professional development time.  Then, I worked out before heading to Ricki’s for a shower so that we could all go to an InterNations networking event.  I was told in an interview with a school in Brazil to join InterNations wherever I ended up, because it is a great way to make friends outside of work.  I did, and we had so much fun meeting other expats in our city.  I have already netted a couple of invites from my contacts, and tomorrow, I am taking a bus with the Hash House Harriers to go for a run outside of the city.  You can read about hashing here. After the event, Alison and I realized that we never ate dinner, so we found an open Thai restaurant and dug into some noodles and sticky rice with mango.  Success!

Friday – The students were off, and we had a full day of professional development.  I went in early for a meeting with the Principal Search Committee.  Then, we had a full slate of meetings.  Luckily, we did get 2 hours to meet with our collaborative partners.  I spent the whole time with my 10th grade team, but it was productive.  I wouldn’t say that I feel caught up by any means, but I am taking it easy this weekend and getting some grading and planning done.  Or, so I planned.  Last night, we may have turned the school sponsored happy hour into an entire night of revelry.  It was so good to spend time with my awesome co-workers.  This did involve Rita, Clare, I participating in wheelbarrow races across the upstairs dining room of Boomerang.  Essentially, we know how party, and we aren’t afraid to show it.

Saturday – I woke up this morning (just before 7am which is about as late as a body trained to rise at 5 can stay in bed), and took some papers down to the pool for a bit of grading and swimming before heading to school to work out with the girls.  I left my bike at work yesterday because I walked to happy hour, so we did Insanity and then I biked home, showered, and met Clare for plant shopping.  Plant shopping is the best kind of shopping.  We ended up going back to the same plant stall again, and the owner remembered me and was thrilled to have me bring a new friend and buy more greenery.  In fact, she was so thrilled that she gave me a free potted plant.  I guess she thought that the 5 I selected for myself were not enough.  Of course, once the plants were delivered, I had to take a school work break to rearrange my furniture to accommodate the new plants.  I hope they are happy here.  Now, I just need things hanging on the walls and some kind of brightly colored throws and cushions on the couches, and I will think that my living space is homey.


I got this little elephant in Chiang Mai, and I found some plants for him to hang out with!


view from the doorway of the office/guest bathroom hallway


view of the living room from the dining room


newly rearranged dining room/entryway with more plants!


Staff happy hour. Not sure why I am posing that way. I think I might be doing so much Insanity that I feel best when attempting to squat even in social situations. Proud yet, Jaissa?


So, it might have been a busy and slightly stressful week, but when you are friends with Gregor and Rebecca, there will be laughing! Thanks!



  1. I’m exhausted just following along on-line! Give yourself some breaks now and then, I need it. Talked with your cousin Martha at market this morning. She’s been checking out the blog. Aunt Nancy helped me pick peppers the other day. What a helper.


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