Arriving In Chiang Mai

Last weekend was my first chance to see a face from home, and it was glorious! My dear friends from Baltimore married each other on Sept. 6th, and I was part of their one week anniversary.  We did attempt to renew their vows in the pool on Saturday night, but I couldn’t quite remember the words.  Make sure that if you want me to officiate your wedding, you remind me to study.  Mama asked for a picture of the lovely couple, so I stole this off of Facebook.  Maybe once they have a chance to recover from jet lag, they will post more for me to steal.


The stunning wedding that I missed.

After my tense rush to the airport on Friday afternoon, I made it through 2 flights and arrived in the stunning walled city of Chiang Mai, Thailand! In fact, even though I was so worried about time, I actually had enough time to buy some outrageous Vietnamese souvenirs at the airport.  These may be featured in later pictures!


The plane outside my gate in HCMC. This isn’t actually the plane I took. The bus drove us to a different one. Curious.


The airport in Bangkok was strangely empty for 7pm on a Friday night. I guess everyone is loving the stay-cations?


There was a random orchid garden in the Bangkok airport. I was clearly a little bored in the empty travel hub.


Then I watched some pageant on tv at my gate while trying to read my book.

Eventually, I made it Chiang Mai, found a cab driver and arrived at our hotel.  I spotted the newlyweds lounging by the pool, so I made an unsuccessful attempt to sneak up on them.  I was rewarded with lots of hugs and jumping around.  Then we took my bags to the hotel room.  That’s right, they let me share their room!  Aren’t they the best for turning a honeymoon into a Jodimoon?  It took a little while for the hotel staff to set up a cot in the room for me and bring me all kinds of lovely towels, bathrobes, and bedding.  When we were satisfied that we would return to cozy quarters, we headed out on a mysterious adventure.  Apparently before I arrived, there was some debate about whether I would want to go out or call it an early night.  After thinking about who I am, the Sheridans realized that they should drink some Red Bull and prepare to party.  Note: they do not recommend the Red Bull in Thailand.


Our sweet triple room!


My Chiang Mai tour guides.

So, without knowing where they were taking me, the happy couple led me down some sidewalks to a main street that had a canal running through the center.  Then, we stopped in front of a large bank of fishtanks.  Then, we put our feet in the tanks and let those little fish nibble away on our dead skin.  Gross.  Before moving to Asia, I was obsessed with reading expat blogs.  If you had to hear me talk incessantly about people I didn’t know but could detail their vacation itineraries, you know this.  I had apparently sent Brooklyn and Kristen a link to an entry about a girl getting a fish foot massage in Chiang Mai and demanded that we do the same.  I absolutely never or always wanted to try this.  It felt ridiculous, but it was loads of fun, for the almost 15 minutes that we lasted.


BK had a tank to himself, and the fish loved him!


My selfie with Kristen. We shared a tank. Sadly the fish were much more interested in my feet than hers. I guess I have to start indulging in pedicures more often. I haven’t been since I had a cold and kept messing up my manicure by blowing my nose. Oops.


My foot is on the left and Kristen’s is on the right. It is hard to tell, but the fish preferred me.

After, this we wandered around for some beers and bites of food.  Yum!  Then, we called it a night and rested up for our big adventure to come!


Such cute faces!!!!


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