The End of Jodimoon

After our full day on Saturday, we slept in until almost 9am on Sunday.  This is unheard of luxury for me, and I loved it! The only bad news was that Kristen and Brian had to leave for the airport at around 11am which meant that we only had a brief time to breakfast and say goodbye. Though our time together was short, it was full of fun new memories. There is something magical about seeing friends from home in a faraway land where everything in the environment is new, but everything between you is familiar and comfortable. I know that eventually my friends in Vietnam will be old friends with rich shared histories, but now, at the beginning, it was lovely to recapture that for a weekend with the Sheridans.


packing up


I love this photo of Kristen. She has mastered posing in Asia.


We found this sign for a massage place funny. Internet neck is a dangerous problem.

Once my friends left, I still had a few hours before I had to head to the airport, so I wandered back into town to find a cafe that would sell me some juice and let me write some postcards. I had actually bought some stamps when I purchased the cards so it was important that I finish writing the cards before I left the country. I found a great little cafe, ordered a delicious smoothie and got to work. My only complaint about the cafe is that I couldn’t stay all day since they were going to air a QPR game late that evening.


Writing some post cards.


Look! The sign really is advertising the game as a QPR game since Man U is clearly detested enough to be partially erased (and no, I didn’t do that myself). My scientific conclusion: QPR is Thailand’s favorite team. It isn’t that Christyn and I picked an unpopular team; it is just that we live in the wrong country to support such gentlemen.

After I finished writing my cards, I walked back to an English bookstore that Brian and Kristen had shown me. I had a lovely time perusing the stacks, and then I picked 4 books to take home to start my library in Vietnam. The owner was sweet and talked me into a 5th book that he was sure I would love. Then, I went for a massage and another stroll before catching my own ride to the airport.

I call the trip a success, and I am now willing to offer my honeymoon crasher skills to anyone else who decides to travel to Southeast Asia to celebrate your wedding.

Much love to my favorite newlyweds!  I hope the rest of your journey was amazing!


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