The Pattern Emerges

Over the past week and a half, I have felt something new: settled. No longer does every little detail of the city seem odd or noteworthy. I wake up and go to work and go to the inevitable meetings and try to make myself work out and grade things and eat and sleep. Life is good, but normal.

During our years of daily commutes to Bowie every day, Dani and I learned that we are for sure creatures of habit. If we needed gas, we pretty much had to stop at the same gas station. If we wanted to get a snack, we purchased the usual. If we had to take a detour due to an accident, we had no idea how to navigate off our beaten track. Just in the last couple of weeks have I started to feel that I am settling into my rut here.  I don’t know that this is good or bad.  Just typical. I am a person who tends to like patterns as long as I am allowed to shake them up.

So, I am living my pattern for now with a few bright spots to light it up. Last week I survived 50 parent/teacher conferences and our first in-person principal candidate interview. The other two will happen over the next 2 days, and we will hopefully hire my boss for next year by Halloween. This is exciting, but also a little sad as I love our interim principal; he reminds me so much of Dr. Youngblood, my first boss.  This past weekend, I bought a bicycle so that I could return the one that a friend lent me back in August.  I might sometimes keep things too long.

My most exciting highlight is that I bought tickets to go to Hoi An for New Years with my beloved holiday visitors, Kate Werner and Colleen Schaefer!!!  I am beyond thrilled that some college besties are making the trek across the ocean to brighten my “winter.” I am so looking forward to having them meet my new life.  Between the 2 of them staggering their trips, my whole 3 weeks off is mostly covered!

Looking forward, I have 4 more days of school before I leave at 5am on Sunday morning to take the 9th graders (all of them) to Bintan, Indonesia for a week.  I am excited and nervous for the adventure.

I hope that you are all enjoying your regular routines or spicing it up with special fun.  I miss hearing about your lives, so feel free to send me newsy letters or emails. I am loving all the mail that I get.  I got another post card from the Grange Fair from my Christyn, a Halloween card from Diane Klena, and cards from Grandma and Kate.  Loving it!!



  1. I love how you phrase our boringness. “Patterns” and “bright spots.” You have no idea how boring my patterns have become without you haha. On the bright side I finished listening to Americanah on audio and loved it. I think it might be time for me to “shake” it up a bit too.

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