Unconventional Thanksgiving

My day started with an early morning run around my neighborhood a couple of times, and over a small bridge to another neighborhood.  I took my phone so that I could send selfie proof to Michele that I earned my Turkey Trot t-shirt, and it was such a lovely morning that I used my phone for much more than just that one selfie.  Plus, slowing down to photograph life made, well, slowing down seem more acceptable.  My favorite part of the run (this happens regularly) was the group of old men who meet at the top of the bridge every morning to work out.  They crack me up.  The stretch and do weird arm circles all while standing on a narrow bridge where all types of transportation interrupt them.  They have lovely attitudes about every interruption and love to say hello and smile when you run past.  Amazing.


My complex past the water feature


My sneakers are still colorful from the Prisma Run


the road leading up to the bridge full of old men


back on my side of the bridge – the 3 tall buildings on the right are Canh Vien, my home!


I am trying to form relationships with some trees here, but they frequently get hacked back to the trunk by jungle controllers. These are looking lush, so I assume that they will be chopped back soon.


Beside the park, when the traffic barriers are up, people play badminton on the street. This pretty much sold me on my neighborhood the first time that I ran past it.

After showering from my run and completing very important things like posting my selfie on Facebook, I was running a little late for school.  When I went outside to walk to my bus stop, I saw the bus pulling away.  Boo.  Luckily, a guard saw as I ran to catch it, and he flagged down the driver for me.  Whew!

Then, I arrived at school for a fairly eventful day of work which included my weekly lunch duty rotation.  So on a sweltering 90 degree day, I ate Thanksgiving lunch alone while overseeing the kiddos who choose playing soccer over eating food – or for the more creative ones, while eating food. This sounds very woe is me, but I actually usually enjoy some time outside in the sun during the school day.  And by the sun, I mean the indirect sun as I sit on a shaded walkway to watch my charges.


My pretty terrible picture of the field. The kids do wear uniforms to school, but I make them change to play soccer so that whoever they sit next to in 4th period doesn’t detest them for smelling.

After school, I thought about going for another run to make my distance the full 10K that Michele was running, but it was really too hot, and I had to stop by my realtor’s office to pay some bills since I was too late the night before. Then, I got to lug my delicious pies that were delivered to Ricki’s apartment for our Thanksgiving potluck. So, I stayed a little later to catch up on some work (a must for a girl gearing up for a getaway on a school weekend), and then I walked to the realtor’s and Ricki’s proudly flaunting my sweet pumpkin pies for the world to see.


The pies delivered to my classroom by Harvest Baking

The potluck at Ricki’s was wonderful. There were many elementary school teachers there who I don’t get to see often, and that was a treat.  Shelley and I represented the high school by providing massive quantities of pumpkin pie. Chris, the only other HS teacher present, brought the turkey.  This is twice as impressive since he and his wife, Mel, are both Canadian.  They certainly lived up to their friendly neighbor reputation.  Our food was all delicious, and it was such a treat to have a Thanksgiving dinner.  I loved it!  Hopefully, the talented hostess Ricki will invite us all back next year!


The fabulous hostess, Ricki!!!


The start of the line!


some crowd shots before dinner started


Ricki’s delightful home full of guests. I love the view from the window seat in the living room.


I totally meant to take a picture before eating part of my food, but I failed. It was stunning…and yummy!

After returning home from dinner, I got to FaceTime the family and pack my bag for my weekend trip to Da Lat. We were leaving straight from school to get to the airport on time, so the next morning when I also had to run to catch the bus, I had a heavy backpack in tow. I call the whole day (and definitely the weekend after) an unqualified success even if I did miss Mom’s cooking, spending the day with family, and baking Christmas cookies while the rest of the womenfolk shopped and the menfolk went hunting. Hope all is well at home, and that you all had as much to be thankful for as I did.  I did start a post of things deserving my gratitude, but I haven’t finished counting my many blessings yet.

P.S. They arrived a day or 2 before Thanksgiving, but I did get Thanksgiving cards from Diane Klena and the Fetterolf clan, complete with Julia writing her own name!

Love you all!  Happy Holidays!






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