Why Today Was Awesome – In list form

1.  Half day with students and productive meetings afterwards.

2. A Thanksgiving package from Diane Klena arrived.  It was too late to use the napkins and plates this year, but I will save them for next year.  We did use the fall themed napkins from an early package from Diane at our Thanksgiving potluck, and I sent that hostess a picture of next year’s goods!

3. I was late for our group workout time, but a couple of others who were late stayed and worked out with me after that.

4. After working out, I decided to walk to this furniture store (shack?) on the side of Nguyen Van Linh where you turn to catch the road to D1.  I had only seen it from the cab, but I was sure that it would have something to make my guest bedroom more habitable since I stole all the furniture except the bed for my own room.  I did indeed find something, and I found the guy who worked there delightful!  He did give me a 500,000 VND ($25) discount, and my goods will be delivered on Saturday morning.  Plenty of time for them to settle in before my company arrives!

5. I found a bookstore that had some English books (I didn’t buy any since I bought 2 at the DaLat airport last weekend), and I bought some Christmas cards there which I addressed envelopes for while listening to Christmas music.

6. I took the first warm shower in my own bathroom since my landlord replaced the hot water heater this week.

7. I ordered dinner from Pasha, and it was possibly the best food I have had in Vietnam yet.  It is a Turkish/Mediterranean place.  Ricki and I had a dip platter there once, but I hadn’t tried an entree yet.  Please believe that I will again.

8.  I have now sent 2 of my 3 exams to the printers, so only one to go.  5 more school days until exams begin.  Christmas countdown is on the way.

9.  I finally got the name of a dermatologist, and am making an appointment for during the holidays. My face hasn’t adjusted well to Vietnam, but I am sure this doctor can help.

10. I have fun weekend plans including a school Christmas party, a PTA happy hour, breakfast and pool time downtown, etc.

I hope that your days were similarly awesome!



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