So Much Laughter

I have been MIA, but I am in the middle of drafting a long post.  However, today was so funny, that I decided not to work on it and instead to share three of the day’s events that made me laugh the hardest.

1. Dinner

We all tickets to an event at school that started at 6:30 pm and lasted until 9, so Alison, Clare, Alex and I hatched a plan to get dinner somewhere near school at 5:30. There is a new place that just opened, and I have been admiring their cute lanterns for a couple of weeks, so I suggested that we try it. I found a clam dish that sounded awesome, but I wanted some kind of vegetable too.  Nowhere on the menu did they advertise vegetables, but it is a Vietnamese restaurant, so I refused to believe it couldn’t be done. Restaurants here don’t wait until all the food is ready. They just bring things as they are finished. My clam dish was actually the first thing to come out, and it came with some sesame crackers and fish sauce. Following the rules of the Whole Life Challenge, I should not eat the crackers, and truth be told, I am not a fan of fish sauce. So, I am just picking at my clam dish with my chopsticks. Our waiter sweeps in and is appalled by my method. He takes my chopsticks and piles some of the clams onto a cracker and has it inches from my mouth before I take over. This was enough to make me laugh, but then, one of the last items brought to the table was my “side of vegetables.”


What arrived was a bouquet of lettuce and herbs with a few thinly sliced pieces of cucumber, carrot, and many things that we couldn’t identify. This is amazing.


Alison and Clare looking over my bouquet-like side dish.

2.  SSIS Idol

Tonight, one of the charity organizations at my school held a concert at the school to raise money for children who need heart surgeries. The concert was in the format of American Idol, and we all got to vote as audience members. I had a lot of students performing, so I was glad to go. Up first, is a 10th grade student that I teach. She is Filipino, beautiful, polite, and high-acheiving. The students had put together little video clips like American Idol where the contestants talk about the inspiration for choosing the song. This sweet little girl who goes first, said in her video that she chose the song because she liked the message about how young girls should have more confidence. This sounds very sweet and in keeping with her personality; however, the song she chose to sing was “Young Girls” by Bruno Mars. Don’t get me wrong – I love Bruno Mars, and this song is catchy.  It is just NOT about young girls needing to have confidence. It is most decidedly about a man who acknowledges that his lust for wild, young women is why he will always make bad choices and never get married. Remember that my job is to teach the sweet girl singing this song the skills of analysis. She is essentially proving to an auditorium full of people that I have failed, or she would be if they had thought about the meaning of the song. When I turned to bemoan the fact that I had failed her to a friend, he pointed out that it would be for the best if she never figured out what the song means so that she is never humiliated that she sang it…after giving a speech about empowering young women.  Oops.

3. SSIS Idol – Counting the Ballots

As the students were calculating the winners based on audience votes, there was a surprise rap performance by one of my 9th grade students. This young Korean boy is hilarious, and he loves to rap, but he often gets very nervous when there is an audience. Tonight he overcame that fear, and preformed a rap by Tablo and myk. I don’t know these Korean artists, but I think after hearing a specific lyric, I might have to get interested.  I laughed so hard. The lyric? “Fake people piss me off like diuretic.”


I don’t know how your day can possibly top the fun of mine, but I hope it happens for you. If so, share the jokes.





  1. The presentation on that veggie side is stunning haha! I need to show that to my brother.
    If you remember back to Darien’s debate on pop music he specifically learned in my class that it is all about the deep and meaningful lyrics 🙂 Atleast your student is too innocent to understand them haha. That’s probably a good thing!
    Thank you for the postcard! I was so excited when it came! Glad you had a fun day! We’re just trying to stay warm over here.


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