Top 9 Reasons to Live in a Treehouse

If your treehouse happens to be at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, these reasons will all be true.

1. The drive to and from your home will be scenic and adventurous.

2. Nature will surround you.

3. The views from your decks (yes, plural) will be breathtaking.


This is the best shot I could find of our treehouse. I linked the eco lodge’s website above so that you can see more if you want.

4. It is really cool, and when you tell people, they will think you are cool.

5. The sounds at night are fascinating. Better than any white noise nature CD that you can buy.

6. There are so many reading perches that you will finish multiple books.

7. You are just a skip, hop, and a jump away from jungle, mountains, rice fields, fruit farms, and more.

8. There is a beautiful yoga bale next door and lots of classes to attend.

9. It is just perfect, and you won’t want to brag too much, but you will literally gush about how good at life decisions you are.

After our night and and day in Kuta, we were excited when the driver from Sarinbuana came to get us the next morning. It was about a 2 hour drive to the treehouse, and it was fascinating. We saw many little villages with elaborate temples decorated for various festivals and loads of terraced rice fields that I found breathtaking. Of course, I did fall asleep for part of the ride because I am the worst at staying awake in cars, but once we got off the main road and had about half an hour to go on the twistiest, narrowest road with two parallel stone paths for tires. Seriously, this road was crazy. I might have been gripping the handle of the car door tightly and squeezing my eyes shut at moments, but it was lovely. I was so thankful that it wasn’t raining, and that the brakes in the super nice hotel SUV were in excellent repair.

Once we arrived, we were transported to a world about as different from Kuta as you can get. Instead of people and noise. There was solitude and a symphony of cicadas, frogs, crickets, and birds. Everything was green and lush and impeccably maintained. They ushered us straight to lunch and fed us amazing salads full of ingredients grown in their gardens and found in the jungle. Then we got to explore our treehouse abode where we would spend the next couple of happy days. We couldn’t decide which rooms to sleep in or where to sit to read first. It was all too exciting, and way too grand for 2 people. I swear that we invited friends, and didn’t plan to hog all the majesty for ourselves.

Our days were passed with hikes, yoga, a traditional medicine class, a massage, a cooking class, visits to the waterhole, and lots of reading. I finished at least 3 novels by this point in the trip, and Christyn was tearing through some non-fiction. We also LOVED the food, and I started losing all my Whole Life Challenge nutrition points because there was decadent home-made ice cream (the coconut and coffee beans they used were plucked right from the garden!).

While there, we met a really interesting couple who had come from Santa Barbra about 10 days earlier to live at the Eco Lodge for the next few months and manage the place while the owners opened a second eco lodge on the remote western shore of Bali. We really enjoyed getting to know them, and I think we were both a little envious that they got to stay so long. It really was the perfect fit for them. She was a yoga teacher with hotel management experience, and he was a farmer with a keen interest in sustainability.

I am not sure that I will ever make it back to Bali, but if I do, all of my time will be spent in the magical treehouse. It was pretty much heaven.


One of the many pots of ginger tea that I consumed at the lodge. Christyn looks so pensive in the background. When not in the sun, it was actually quite cool in the mountains.


The entrance to the kitchen where we took our cooking class, and where the staff prepared all our yummy food.


one corner of the living room


The view from the front deck. I don’t know if this is the mountain we hiked or not.


Though it was the rainy season, we had a morning of BEAUTIFUL skies!


following our guide Nyoman down to some rice paddies. Interesting fact: you can tell a Balinese person’s birth order by their name. Nyoman would be the name of a 3rd born. There are only 4 names though, so it could also be the name of a 7th born. Click the link to learn more. Fascinating.


This is snake fruit. This is not found in Vietnam, so I loved meeting a new fruit. It looks crazy on the outside, but the inside is a little like lychee or rambutan (common in both Vietnam and Bali), but not quite as sweet.


steps to a temple we approached along our hike


I loved all the flowers. This reminded me of the million barn cats we named buttercup.


Nyoman leading us to the rice fields


Standing above some rice terraces. The rice in these fields had been planted less than a month before, so it was still very short.


Yes, please. Let me live here.


Christyn soaking in the beauty


So stunning


Every corner of this place (and photo) is crazy beautiful


I like the way the jungle turns even stone green


A little offering post before the entrance to a temple


our treehouse from down below on the steps that lead to the waterhole


there were flowers everywhere


the yoga bale


I have some pictures of the waterhole on my camera card, but I haven’t downloaded them yet.


Christyn down by the waterhole


The light fixture in the yoga bale


a little pavilion beside the main office


another pavilion and the front corner of the lodge where we ate all our meals


the lodge is on the left and the main office is on the right


the lodge


Christyn reading in the living room one night


sunrise on one of the mornings


our traditional medicine class


the ingredients for our slew of potions


applying some paste we made for sore muscles – sort of a homegrown IcyHot


the opossum statue outside our treehouse


the room where we got our massages


the decorations are just too cute


I loved all the wooden buildings and pops of color


Christyn standing in a little koi fish pond


I liked these light fixtures


another view from our deck


the steps leading to our treehouse from the lodge


our front door 


the staircase that leads to the upstairs


the kitchen and door to the bathroom – there was a bedroom to the left, and I took this while standing in the living room


the balcony on the 2nd floor


the 2nd story bedroom


light fixture in the treehouse


all their decorations were adorable – I even liked these birds


we had our own bonsai tree just in case the jungle wasn’t close enough


our bathroom

Please don’t hate me for rubbing in all this tropical beauty while you are in the midst of what sounds like one of the worst winters in history. I am sending warm thoughts your way, and remember that Southeast Asia is only about a day of flying away.



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