Goodbye for Now

The last few weeks have been even more whirlwind than the rest of this fast year. Though I am SO EXCITED to come home for summer, it is starting to sink in that life in Saigon will look different next year. Ordinary events are starting to take on extra importance as we savor last moments with departing friends. I am just focusing on the fact that it is great that in one year’s time I made friends worth missing. I keep learning how small the world is, and this is marvelously comforting.

So in this time of nostalgia for a year (mostly) well lived in a city that I (mostly) enjoy, I have been soaking it all in. Final exams are in progress, and I already finished my last Monday of work this school year! Hopefully a few photos of the recent past can start to tell a few of the stories that I haven’t had time to type.  Though I have whole months to share, I will start with this past week.


Our seniors have graduated!


Last day of class photos! Some of my 9th graders!


Some 10th graders. This photo is so them.


My other class of 9s. Cuties!


My massive AP class. Why were they ever impressed when I returned essays the following day?


Another class of 10s. Missing the student who might win a Nobel Prize for physics someday.


Our fitness center at school. I love squatting it out with these ladies and gents. Working out at school with a great group of teachers has been awesome.


Ladies night out – a end of year tradition. Jason crashed our party though because ladies night featured fancier food than guy’s night.


Went on a Saturday morning bike ride with Rita, Gary and Bill as Rita’s farewell to the greater Saigon area. It was nice to get out of the city.


We stopped to get our bikes washed after our muddy/sandy ride. I was borrowing Melissa’s bike, and I may have crashed in some sand, so these kind gentleman hosed me off too.


After lunch near Rita’s apartment, we loaded down my bicycle with some pillows I am adopting. I felt so local for hauling my own possessions on my main form of transport. Perhaps bungy cords would be more legitimate than ribbon?


Most of my week is about grading. Last week of essays until August!


We’re on a boat for Kevin’s retirement party.


Just looking normal.


The back of the boat.


Every morning for the last month, on my “commute” to school, I bike past this tractor. Not sure why it appeared, but I love it. Erin, Rena and I keep saying we all need to bike together to do a photo shoot on the tractor some morning, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I got the tractor by itself.


Also, how pretty is my morning ride?

Year one is wrapping up, and I am so glad that after my amazing summer at home, I will be excited to return. There is lots to love about my new life. Only 6 more days until I am home!!!



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