Hometown Happiness

Today marks a month since I returned stateside, and it has been an incredible, busy, love-filled month. I feel beyond lucky to have so much time with friends and family, and the warm welcomes make going away a good idea. It is crazy that I have to fly back to my new life in about 2 weeks, but I will be returning with a full heart and lots of good memories (and the 5 pounds I have gained eating myself across the East Coast).

So far, I got in lots of good quality time with the family. We are as large, loud and photogenic as ever.


The clan reunites!


Sibling love


Sister jump!


My nieces and nephews are so big!

Obviously, I am loving family time and recharging in our small town.  It is lovely to see sheep and greenery on every run and eat from the garden! We have bonded at amusement parks, Lake Tobias, the Relay for Life, etc.


Farmland is awesome!


My nieces and nephews take to the woods


4 year olds loving the rides at Knobels


The Boop babies bravely pet an alligator

In addition to family time, I got to spend time with some college besties in New Jersey and New York. I am friends with awesome people, and I feel so lucky that they all made time for me in their busy lives.


Dancing reunion at Rachel’s with Sammer, Ebeth, Bess, and Colleen. Miss these women always.


Reunionizing with my Liza! PLT for life!


My NYC hostess with the mostest! Visit her soon and often if you want to be pampered, entertained, and loved unconditionally.

Returning home to Baltimore has been a dream this week.  Lindsay and Nate got married which gave book club a reason to reunite. From 2007 til present day, these women (and rare men) are my favorite readers and Charm City family.


Killing it in the photo booth.


Book club representatives not in the bridal party.

I have finally gotten to reconnect with some of my favorite spots in Patapsco State Park and along the C&O canal. Essentially, life here is full and lovely.


One of my favorite thinking spots since 2008.


Love, love, love


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