Real Vietnam 

I live in a delightful little nook of the city known for its wide streets, walkable sidewalks, and green spaces. This is where I feel comfortable on my bicycle. However, last weekend, I had guests arriving (lucky me!), so I struck out on my bike to a key maker’s cart that a co-worker  told me about. Though only a 10-15 minute bike ride from my house, this street is much more authentic than my manicured park out front and spacious home. 

As I waited for my keys, I decided to shoot a clip of how well people stopped at the red light. They only do that if there are police around or it is an intersection that makes them fear for their lives. I didn’t see any police.

I also love the phone wires, and dislike the number of people biking on the wrong side of the road. But moments later, I joined the fray to run the rest of my errands. Life is good!



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