Spring Break!

In 3 hours, I leave for the airport to fly to Taiwan to meet Eli and some friends from home. I am pretty much jumping-out-of-my-skin excited. This might be one of my most needed vacations ever. Despite my mostly perfect life of spending February in Australia with my beloved cousin, living in paradise, and being surrounded by loving friends, the past 8 weeks have beat me up a bit. Before you feel too bad, look at a few of the highlights of my trip with Christyn. I will have to write about the magic in more detail soon.


Christyn overlooking Melbourne while we wait for the sunset and the arrival of the penguins.


Some of the adorable fairy penguins we saw.



The Opera House and Harbor Bridge stunned us.




Getting close to the Apostles (rock formations).



Such a great cousin-cation!

Unfortunately, I returned home from my lovely week with Christyn to learn that a student had passed away over break. After a weeks of mourning, life was starting to return to normal, and then I got the plague. Not the real plague. Just a virus that spent 3 weeks ripping through my body and making me a shell of a human being.

Now that my body is mostly mended, I am ready to tackle 10 days of fun with my boyfriend and some dear Baltimore friends. Life couldn’t be better…unless my errands and packing were complete.



  1. Been a while since I checked in here. I saw the long gap in postings so glad to hear you are feeling so much better. Your Ma has been keeping me posted on Dani, etc., and did see some of the family at Easter. Have fun with the visitors!!!


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